Common Eye Infection Treatment

The common eye infection treatment is pretty easy to implement as it takes care of the regular eye infections that can arise easily. Basically, eye infections can arise due to a wide variety of reasons and it is essential that you have an idea about the basic treatment methods that are employed for handling them. Most of the eye infection treatment methods that we are going to discuss here involve some basic steps that can be taken at home. The first step for taking care of eye infections is to clean your eye with warm distilled water and a cotton swab. Make sure that you use a fresh cotton swab that would help in cleansing the eye thoroughly. You can even make a cold compress for your eyes where you can simply tie up some ice in a cloth and place them on your eyes. If you do not find any substantial improvement in your eye infection, you would have to take the case to an ophthalmologist. A separate category of eye infections is a stye in the eye as these require proper treatment and medication.

Normal Treatment

Before we take a look at common way to get rid of a stye, we need to understand what an eye stye is. A sty in eye is defined as an infection that is characterized by the development of red bumps at the base of eyelashes. These red bumps are usually small and painful, and can bring about trouble for the eye. It is essential that you pursue some proper eye stye treatment methods for taking care of this condition. Fortunately, eye stye treatment can be done at home using different home remedies that have been designed for this task. A warm compress is the first thing that should help you as eye stye treatment. Apart from this, you can boil a cup of coriander seeds in warm water for making a solution that would take function as treatment for eye stye.

Medical Treatment

If none of the above mentioned steps bring your relief from stye in the eye, you would have to take a look at medical treatment for eye stye. These methods generally involve making incisions and draining the stye in eye. Such an eye infection treatment method should always be your last resort for handling these eye infections.

Online Diet

One of the many positives about The Day Off Diet is that it is an online diet program. That means you can download it instantly upon purchase. There’s nothing to wait for. In fact you can get started with The Day Off Diet program within minutes from right now.

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Day Off Diet Features

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Publishing opp but need advice

About two years ago, I wrote a manuscript for a science-fiction novel. Although I got an agent and paid for some editorial services and critique, nothing panned out so, after searching for a long, long, long, long time, I queried and sent three sample companies to Raider Publishing International. The editor at Raider Publishin International emailed me today offering to publish my book and, of course, I am delighted.
However, there are pros and cons. The pros include 50%+ of the royalities, publishing within a few months and distribution for 3 years. The con is the price tag ($699 Canadian). I just wondering if I should do it or not. Does Can anyone help/advise me please?

Supporting Actions:


Background Information:

One day, while watching a series on National Geographic called, Built for the Kill, I was astounded at how high a Canadian lynx can leap. That night, I dreamt of a superhero with the power of a lynx. At about 2AM, I woke up, planted myself in front of my PC and began typing as fast as my fingers could move.

what a joy just to know…

what a joy just to know that some one is interested in your novel….Actually at this moment I am interested in reading your novel- I LOVE SCifi and cats!

Unfortunately- i know nothing about publishing. But i would research the company, call them and ask for prospectus- why not? What the heck have you go to loose (oh i know the cost of the phone call, the energy to research the company and $700) but would you not spend that much on a new refrigerator if you needed it? My point is- why keep you dreams in the dark and cold.

Trying, first


first congratulations. Your dream is still alive and moving forward.

second, I would just call them up and talk to them. You will know more from the feeling you get talking to the owner than any advice I could give.

third, ask to see a detailed break down of what your $699 gets you and also what investment they are making toward your book. (They are getting 50% of the profits so they should be taking on some risk by providing more than $699 dollars worth of services.)

Finally, if the feeling is right, just go for it. $699 isn’t that much money to risk on a dream.

My Powerful Thoughts Manifested Into Powerful Words!

I am in such a state of shock right now that I don’t even know what to type! I received a call from a man a couple days ago telling me that he picked up one of my business cards. He said that he has a couple of movie scripts that he needs help with as far as formatting, grammer corrections and typing. We agreed to meet today at the library. After our meeting I was officially hired to work with him. He gave me a deposit and I now have my first client! I must say that he has a wonderful imagination and I am excited to be helping him with his project! I am living in the great and wonderful Manifestation Nation!!!

Congratulations and this is just the beginning. I see more experiences coming your way so that you are happily as busy as you wish to be. BTW I love the phrase “manifest nation”.

Unpleasant behavior

I am very grateful for Ravencrof’s post. It gave me the chance and intention to bring back into memory what i did to people. How i felt towards people, and how i feel now. I am so grateful that I have been able to overcome the hatefulness that i held with me before. We are all God’s creatures and we are all equal. Furthermore, i am grateful that i was able to reply to Ravencrof’s post and try to help him. It gave me the opportunity to truly feel sorry and repent for who and what i was. It may not seem like much, but my heart right now swells with joy and peace. I have come to a greater understanding of myself and feel as though i can truly let the past be the past and accept it, but never forget it.

Background Information:

I was a complete jerk/bully/asshole to many people from gradeschool up until about my junior year of highschool. I hurt so often with the mean things i would say. I hope they too can overcome the scars of the past.

One Rat for Each Boy


Right now, as of the last few months, there are more animals than humans in our household.

Two adults plus three children equals five humans. A cat, a dog, a snake, and three rats equals six animals.

That’s right. We have voluntarily brought rats into our household.

It happened one weekend when my wife Pam was away seeing her actress aunt Dixie in a play. Nick, my oldest, 11, had been agitating for a gecko for some time. So I brought all three kids (Nick plus JJ, 8, and Adam, 5) to the pet store to look into it (mistake #1).

Nick was going to use his own money, of which he had a grand total of about $120, to buy the gecko. But His Royal Highness the Gecko had to have a sun lamp, a UV lamp, all kinds of highly specialized equipment to recreate "desert conditions" in his cage. All in, including the price of HRH The Gecko himself, the tally was somewhere north of $400. So the whole thing was looking to cost me more than $300…

Plus, the pet-store sales guy informed me, geckos aren’t really that friendly, "they don’t exactly cuddle you," they were mostly for display. "But really, they don’t do anything." They eat live crickets, he explained, which you in turn have to keep alive with little blue pellets, or something, which meant frequent trips back and forth to the pet store, which is all the way across town from us (and I knew who would be the one making those long, lonely, boring trips, every freaking weekend, all alone, flipping disconsolately through a free paper on the streetcar: me).

The whole thing seemed like an unholy pain, so after scratching my noodle for a while, I ixnayed the eckogay. "Sorry, Nick. What about something else?"

"We want something too!" clamoured his brothers. We looked at hamsters, we looked at gerbils, and yawned.

"Have you ever considered rats?" the sales guy asked. "They make great pets."

A female sales guy came over. She had rats, she loved them, they made great pets, she said: cuddly, and smart. Almost as smart as dogs. She had taught hers to come when she blew a little whistle.

"Hmmm," I said. "Well, how much are the rats?"

"Well, we use them for snake food. They’re five bucks each."

Sold! I’m a little rat-o-phobic, but I’d get over it. We scored three rats, all male, specifying non-pink-eyed ones (they’re freaky), grabbed a cage, rat chow, etc. ("Can they eat anything else?" I asked, dumbly. "Dude, they’re rats," the sales guy said. "They’re scavengers. They’ll eat anything.") Total cost: under a hundred.

Booyakasha! Pam phoned later that afternoon.

"I’ve got good news and bad news," I told her.

"Oh, no," she said (she’s not nearly as amused by my antics as I am). "What?"

"Which do you want first?"

"The good news."

"They’re in a cage!"

"What’s the bad news?"

"We’ve got rats."

"Oh, Dave…"

But I must say, they have made great pets. They are smart, they do love to cuddle, they run in and out of the boys’ hoodies, etc. The boys love them, and they love that they saved their lives. (I feed our snake thawed frozen rats, after the boys have gone to bed, so they never think about it or make any connections.) I’ve got a good picture of them all watching the animated movie "Ratatouille" and holding their rats. And Pam’s been a real sport about it. They’re in our basement. As long as the boys clean their cage, which frequently reeks, on the regular, you hardly know they’re there.

My Three (Very Different) Sons


Each of my children has different levels of loquacity and taciturnity.

Adam, 5, talks all the time, says whatever pops into his head, his thoughts are sunny, fresh and surprising. He could talk the hind legs off a donkey. I take him to the park to walk the dog, he’ll talk the whole time, almost non-stop, opinions, observations, facts both true and false (the other day it was “birds are not mammals”: I patiently explained to him that they are—and turned out to be wrong! Who knew?), questions (“Are bats the only mammals that can fly?” Yes, it turns out.)

J.J., 8, is more the quiet type. One the one hand, he inherited his father’s tormented, tempestuous artistic temperament. If he’s working on, say, a painting, if it’s going well he’s proud almost to the point of boastfulness (“Nice, painting, J.J.” “Yeah, it’s really good.”) about it.

If it’s not working, he tears it up in a fury and stomps out the room saying: “I suck!”

Chip off the old block. But he’s inherited his mother’s introspectiveness, her quietness, her habit of sometimes gazing for a long time into your eyes before answering. Also, he will sidle up to you at odd times—at bad times, frankly: when you’re really busy or freaking out or you just spilled something—to tell you something important that’s on his mind. I’ve learned that if I ever want to know what’s going on behind those big, soulful eyes, I have to drop everything, and listen.

Nicholas, 11, well—he’s becoming a PBU, Peer Based Unit, also known as pre-teen. I wouldn’t have it any other way, started my PBU phase around the same age.

But still, vis-à-vis his parents, he plays his cards pretty close to his vest, and it’s sad. The other day I bought him a Nutella-banana crepe, his favorite (sinfully delicious) and then he sat with me while I had do-it-yourself-at-your-table Korean b-b-q (my favorite)—and he spilled, he divulged all kinds of details about his daily existence.

Stuff I had no idea about, and which I won’t break his confidence by divulging here. Suffice it to say it’s a world of treachery, double-crossing, shifting loyalties. I had no idea. I held my breath. I tried not to judge, or advise (though I couldn’t help myself, what can I tell you: at one point I said: Kid, you know, your father is an advice columnist, so I can’t help but say this one thing…”) because I didn’t want it to stop. I hope he will confide in me again soon.

And while we’re on the topic, allow me to say: David Gilmour’s new book, The Film Club, captures this father-son dynamic better than any book I’ve ever read. A great portrait of a loving father who has to bite his lip not to advice or reprimand his teenage son’s errant ways, because he doesn’t want the flow of info to stop.

Check it out. Great prezzie for anyone who either is, or has, a teenage kid.

And it’s a little off topic but I cannot freaking wait to see the movie “Juno.” I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve heard it’s fantastic. The woman who wrote it was a blogger. And a former stripper! The stripping doesn’t have much to do with the blogging, except I think her stage name, “Diablo Cody,” has just sort of become her name. It’s not her real name, but she goes by it all the time, if that makes any sense.

Benefits of Creating Space in Your Mind and Life

I love my work as a yoga teacher but I also have a real love for graphic design. There is an art to organizing type and pictures on a page and making it look beautiful. Many years ago, I went to school for graphic design and although I didn’t have the yearning to pursue a career in it, I’m glad I learned how to use the various design and layout programs; I can’t tell you how often it has come in handy in my own business. I was designing a brochure for a friend the other day and it occurred to me that a typical mistake non-designers make when doing a layout of a document is using every inch of space on the page and filling it with text, pictures, lines, boxes, etc. I didn’t realize until now, what a valuable commodity space is.

Space is important and often, the more space you don’t use on a page, the clearer your message becomes. Take a look at a document that is filled from top to bottom, where do you set your eyes first? After a while of staring at the document, your eyes get tired and you abandon the document altogether. I thought to myself, this idea of creating space on a document is synonymous with life as well; we also need to create space in our lives, to help us see a clearer picture.

Time and time again, I meet people whose calendars are so tightly filled with every social and business engagement possible that they are running on empty without a minute to spare for themselves. Occasionally, some manage to find their way to my yoga classes and are so wound up that they have a challenging time staying present. They can’t stop thinking about what they have to do next. In yoga, we learn to focus on our breath, and with practice, we learn to live in the present moment. Yoga also helps us create space in our minds and our bodies. When we create space in our minds and bodies, we set in motion the process of creating space in our lives.

Think back to when you did a huge clean up at home or gave away a bunch of clothes that you no longer had use for. How did you feel after this ‘purge’? Did you feel a little lighter, almost like you shed a few pounds? Now imagine all that junk you store in your mind and body? The endless worries, anxieties and fears. Creating space allows us to make room for other opportunities to come our way. We prioritize what is important in our lives and eliminate things that are not contributing positively to our lives. Whether it is a poster we are designing or our minds we are de-cluttering, space sheds light on what matters most and gives importance to our heart’s desires.

Obama wants to reward criminals

It should come as no surprise to the World that President Obama has maintained his hypocritical agenda and general bullshit as he kicks off his 2012 re-election campaign.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011, President Obama stood at the U.S.-Mexico border and gave a half-hearted speech that was, from beginning to end, dripping with sarcasm. As he stood before individuals in Texas, a state that he lost by more than ten percent in the 2008 presidential elections, he wasted his words and efforts by continuously mocking Republicans.

Obama did a candid job of blaming the blame game, as he made sure to express that it was the Republicans –not him – who were preventing immigration legislation that would give way to citizenship for some 11 million illegal immigrants.

Yes, I do hope the Republicans are responsible for preventing legislation that would reward 11 million criminals who are committing federal offenses by being here illegally.

Obama then boasted about the additional border security while taking a punch at Republicans who say that his efforts are not enough. “Maybe they’ll need a moat, maybe they’ll need alligators in the moat,” he said mockingly as the crowd laughed.

A moat? Hmm. Not the worst idea he has ever had, but maybe something a little more effective to keep out illegals. But I’m glad he is on the right track.

As Obama is all talk and no action, it came as no surprise when he claims to be OH SO serious about immigration reform yet, didn’t speak of any legislation being worked on or a deadline for members of the legislature to propose such legislation.

Hmm…. Maybe its because Obama doesn’t know how to write legislation as he has written to books about himself but never one bill.

I encourage Obama to write a book on his justifications for rewarding 11 million criminals with citizenship.

However, to all you tax paying, law abiding citizens, next time you break the law, do not expect any rewards or legislation in your honor.

After all, illegals should get more attention then actual citizens.

Which one of these is not like the other

Listen, I am all for people coming to the US legally but when we allow illegal immigrants to come to this country and get a free education, free health care, a drivers license, a job and in many instances more rights then ACTUAL CITITZENS, we are letting these criminals make a mockery of the very system they claim to want to be a part of.

Additionally, it begs the question: WHY TRY? With so many illegal immigrants weaseling their way into our borders it mocks the system and the individuals who play by the rules and seek LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

At no point can myself or any other American sneak into another country and expect rights

If someone crosses into the Iranian boarder illegally, they get detained indefinitely

If someone crosses into the US illegally, they get a job

If someone crosses into the North Korean border illegally, they get 12 years hard labor

If someone crosses into the US illegally, they get to apply for a credit card

If someone crosses the Afghanistan border illegally, they get SHOT

If someone crosses into the US border illegally, they get a social security card and a driver’s license

If someone crosses the Chinese border illegally, you get the maximum sentencing

If someone crosses into the US border illegally, they get free health care and free education

If someone crosses into the Saudi Arabian border illegally, they go to prison

If someone crosses into the US border illegally, they get food stamps

If someone crosses the Venezuelan border illegally, they will be considered a spy and then be tortured.

If someone crosses the US border illegally, they get a lobbyist fighting for their “rights” in DC

If someone crosses into the Cuban Border Illegally, they get life in prison

If someone crosses the US border illegally, they get to be on welfare.

If someone crosses into Mexico illegally, they get finned and two years in prison